The Faithful Waters cruise started over 12 years ago out of a need to offer guests a unique experience on the sea. We started out by picking up guest from the dock of the Starfish Hotel and transporting them by sea to the lagoon.

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Faithful Waters Glistening Lagoon Falmouth, Jamaica


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Just visited the bioluminescent lagoon with Michael and I have to say it is on my list of coolest things I have ever done.


Welcome to! Join us aboard the Faithful Waters for the Sunset Luminous lagoon cruise. Enjoy the tropical scenery, go birdwatching and watch the sun set over the coastline while listening to the pulsating sound of reggae music. Then as night falls enter the lagoon and enjoy a most breathtaking view and a dip in the magical waters of the luminous lagoon.

We had so much fun going Faithful Waters for the Sunset Luminous lagoon cruise. The cost is only $20 US per person depending on your groups size. I recommend bringing two towels.

-- Buddy Huggins, Greenville, MS

We offer glass Bottom Boat Rides, Sightseeing Snorkelling, Sunset Luminous Lagoon Cruising, Deep Sea Fishing and Bottom Fishing.

It was a wonderful experience. The kids enjoyed it and it was a once in a lifetime experience. Captain and crew were friendly and helpful and made it a learning experience as well.

--Tasha H, Wyncote, PA